Wednesday Night One Shots

Sun Goes Down With A Ruby Smile, Part 2

DMed by Seilene

This adventure kicked off with Ila and Petros going back to the ship to make sure that the Captain and Bossin were protected. The rest of the party ventured forth towards the town.

After his ship sank, Victor was washed ashore near the docks and approached the Captain requesting passage back to Waterdeep. The Captain sent him to the town to join the rest of the party in acquiring the materials needed to fix the Sea’s Rock so that they could set sail.

As Victor met the party, he was met with opposition from Atreyu and Duradhren. Without fully knowing they could trust Victor, the party allowed him to tag along but he would be forced to stay in the lead. Victor accepted his position as the leader and began calling out for assistance from anyone who was in the town. This angered the party however as they were trying to proceed quietly so Atreyu took the lead.

Atreyu entered the home of Argon Dodd, followed closely by Duradhren, Enikas, and Victor. Atreyu and Enikas searched the library as Duradhren searched the bedroom, finding a frightened human female. Victor took his time in the main room looking at pictures and recognized Argon and Hedgar Dodd from a painting. Victor pointed out that it was these two dwarves that he was here to meet. Duradhren found letters pertaining to the town members’ positions on a desk while the frightened female kept telling him to go away and leave. She said she feared “him” finding her.

Wolves were heard howling outside and Atreyu blocked the door with a table to keep them from getting inside. Enikas at that point found a journal of Argon’s that described strange behavior coming from Kincade Rumrick. The wolves were heard running around the house and scratching on the table. The female was persistent in her request that the party leave the home. At that point, an arrow flew through the window in the main room, nearly hitting Victor but hitting the door next to Enikas instead.

The party left the house, Atreyu and Duradhren took the lead because they were set on finding the wolves. The wolves were gone but there were several tracks left around the house. As Duradhren was investigating the tracks, he spotted a body next to a woodpile. He informed the party of the body and rushed his way toward it. About 10 feet away from the body, he hears a clink and feels a sharp pain in his leg. He looked down to find himself stuck in a bear trap.

He made several attempts to remove his leg but with his hands being wet from rain, they kept slipping. Atreyu attempted to assist him when he heard growling coming from behind a nearby tree. He positioned himself atop a log pile, making sure he didn’t step on the dead body. Enikas readied Fire Bolt. Victor stood back watching the surroundings and making sure they were not ambushed. Duradhren eventually gets his foot out of the trap.

The wolf comes around the tree snarling and Enikas fires his spell. The wolf takes small damage from Fire Bolt. Atreyu rushes at the wolf swinging his mighty axe. Eventually the party takes down the wolf. Duradhren investigates the dead body near the wood pile and concludes that its a human male sailor with bite marks all over its body. At this time Victor notices a young human male come out of the stables. The man states that he is Monroe Lent, one of the residence from Pinewood. He tells the party he was at the stable taking care of the horses when he heard the sailor scream and saw a couple of wolves maul the sailor to death.

The party informs Monroe to take the frightened female they found in Argan Dodd’s house and that they should make haste to Sea’s Rock for safety. After the two townsfolk left, the party headed into the next house, The Rumricks’. As they entered they noticed the door broken down, blood everywhere, and two dead human female bodies. Victor finds Mrs. Rumrick dead in her bed with a ruby gemstone embedded into her skull. He also finds a journal that belongs to Kincade Rumrick, in it talks about “the sins of cross-breading” and “must fix what is now tainted”. In the next room, Duradhren finds a human female sailor dead with multiple arrows in her.

The party leaves the Rumricks’ house and goes further into the town. They hear more wolves howling in the distant. As they get further in, Duradhren heads to a building that has been burnt down. Upon investigation, Arteyu realizes that its a holy building of Tymora. The party finds more dead bodies; a priest and two sailors. As Atreyu, Duradhren, and Enikas go through the rubble, Victor heads to the next house. Upon entering all looks fine until he enters the first bedroom. There he finds Vinnie Lent dead in his bed. At this time Duradhren enters the house and he finds Paddy Lent beaten and strangled to death in his room.

As the party regroups, they hear more wolves howling in the distant. They come to realize that the wolves are circling them, leading them into a certain part of town. As they move more to the northeast, they notice a large tent. Enikas notices inside the tent a huge hole with a ladder going down. Atreyu taking the lead, they all enter into a cave. As they travel further they come across three bodies, a half-orc (Rogath), female human (Sunny Rumrick), and a half-orc child (Ruby Rumrick). Both of the adults were embraced to each other with arrows stuck in them. The child was strangled to death.

Duradhren goes further into the cave and realizes that this cave was used to mine out the abundance of rubies. He also notices tracks that have been a few days old. The party fully checks the cave for any other survivors but find none. They make their way back out of the cave and as they walk out of the tent they see Kincade Rumrick, Maovor, and 4 wolves. Kincade was being erratic and yelling to Maovor, blaming him for what he ended up doing to his daughter and grandson (Sunny and Ruby). Maovor looks at Kincade in disgust and signals the wolves to lunge at Kincade. The wolves tore him apart.

As the wolves are making work of Kincade, Duradhren rushes in to attack Maovor. Maovor turns and slams him mining pick into Duradhren, killing him instantly. Atreyu seeing this rushes to Maovor and starts to attack. The wolves then lay their eyes on Victor and Enikas. Two wolves charge at Victor. Victor makes a quick escape on top of the tent. When the wolves couldn’t get to Victor they make chase to Enikas. He starts to run and leads 3 of the wolves away from the party.

A heavy battle ensues with Atreyu fighting Maovor and a wolf; while Victor is shooting on top of the tent. Between Maovor and the wolf, Atreyu ends up falling. As Victor watches Atreyu goes down, he gets a deadly shot in and shoots an arrow through Maovors’ eye. As the wolf watches his masters demise, it lets out a howl and runs off. The howl alerts the other three wolves that are chasing Enikas, and they run back into the woods.

Enikas rushes to Atreyu and is able to stabilize him. The rest of the party are able to get the supplies needed to fix Sea’s Rock. It takes them a little over a week to fix the ship and they were able to get back safely to Waterdeep.


Guy_Sparrows Seilene

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